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These models were introduced in 2011

2011 Gulf Coast 150 Bay Skiff 14'8" 5'8" Beam

Gulf Coast 230 Bay Kat
23'5" 8'8" beam

Our 220 Bay Kat (introduced in 2010)

Click here for the Details of our lastest addition to the Gulf Coast Boats line up

Our Gulf Coast 210 Pro SE

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The Gulf Coast 230 Pro was introduced in 2007...Click here for information

Setting the Standard in Shallow Water Boats!

We at GC Boats strive hard to provide you, the fisherman, with your needs and wants in a true fishing boat. That's why we listen to you when you have ideas about what makes a boat a true fishing machine. These ideas and inputs have made GC Boats what we are today and we hope to continue to be on the cutting edge of our sport. We at GC Boats thank you and hope all your fishing trips are safe ones.

All Gulf Coast Boats run in shallow water drawing less than 10" at rest. The shallow water performance of these highly efficient tunnel boats will truly amaze you. The deep, sharp entry and unique hull configuration provides a soft, dry ride with unmatched stability at rest. A 62 gallon fuel tank, in most models, gives extended range and a long list of standard equipment is provided to help you enjoy days of fishing and fun. All Gulf Coast Boats have a ten year transferable structural hull warranty. (Non personal consumer's warranty is 3 years).


Models | Features | Standard Equip. - Specifications | Dealers | Contact Us

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